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Land the right remote job

Get the coaching you need to land a remote job that matches your strengths and aspirations, and significantly shift the quality of your professional and personal life.

What is 'Your Passion in Action'?

Your Passion In Action (YPIA) helps individuals land the remote job that is right for them, by focusing on their unique strengths. It offers a unique form of individualized coaching that takes career coaching to the root of who you are. 

YPIA offers the following services:



Discover how your passion, skills and purpose intersect and how you can leverage them to find the right remote job

Application Process and Branding Assistance

Outstanding ATS-compliant resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles writing

Remote Job Search Strategy

Individualized career strategy customization

Job Search Guidance

Job search coaching all along your journey, providing a mix of technology tips, job search and networking coaching


What does your coaching offer?

What does a remote job search strategy look like?


Your Passion In Action uses a proven 5-step F-O-C-U-S methodology to help individuals land the right remote job: 


FIND OUT your core strengths, and select the job that best fits your skills, talents, and aspirations.


ORGANIZE your talents, skills, and aspirations and create your ideal career vision, strategy, and action plan, adapted to the remote job market.


CREATE your online branding and present your uniqueness to the job market.


UNDERTAKE concrete actions toward finding the right job by creating an outstanding resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and learning how to network efficiently on various platforms.


SUCCESSFULLY land your desired remote job as you master the art of remote job interview and negotiation. 

Select the solution best adapted to your remote job search needs

✅ Professional Resume

 Cover letter

❌ LinkedIn profile

✅ Professional Resume

 Cover letter

❌ LinkedIn profile

✅ Professional Resume

 Cover letter

❌ LinkedIn profile


Bronze Package

✅ Professional Resume

 Cover letter

❌ LinkedIn profile

$190 CAD


Silver Package

✅ Professional Resume

✅ Cover letter

❌ LinkedIn profile

$280 CAD


Gold Package

✅ Professional Resume

✅ Cover letter

✅ LinkedIn profile

$380 CAD


Discovery Package

Three one-on-one individualized coaching sessions, and supporting exercises, to help you discover how your skills, passion and purpose intersect. Includes the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment.


At the end of the three sessions, you will know what your ideal professional remote life looks like.

$399 CAD


Platinum Package
(best value)

Unlimited coaching to support you at every stage of your job search process until you land your desired job. 

Book as many focused coaching sessions of 30 minutes as you need until you land your desired remote job.

Available for one year from the date of purchase.


Do you have a custom need? Contact me by clicking on the below button:

Money-back guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with the content of the material or coaching within the first 30 days, I will give you your money back.
Simply explain what went wrong and show proof that you have applied the methodology, and I will happily refund the payment to you.

This is my personal guarantee to you



Political Science Student and Green Entrepreneur

The tools and encouragement Emmanuel provided were vital for building a foundation of productivity and creative confidence. Helping me to better realize and utilize my strengths has translated directly to maximized time management and increased feeling of self-worth.


Book your free career coaching session

Hi, I am Emmanuel, and I am your career coach. If you want to gain clarity on how you can land the right remote job, contact me for a free session. In this powerful session, you will leave with: 

✅  Practical tips on what you can start doing on the spot in order to reach your aspirational job.

✅  Strategies to overcome doubts that are holding you back.

✅  A renewed sense of energy and confidence!

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