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What is 'Passion'?

  • When I ask you “What’s your passion?”, what do you think of? Most people think of passion as an activity they do that they are usually talented at and that they have been doing since they were children, such as painting, playing hockey, or singing, which is generally associated with a STRONG EMOTION.

  • The English root of the word “Passion”, describes it as a “powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”.

  • So, passion is actually an emotion or an energy that gets activated when you do certain types of activites.

Where does this powerful emotion come from?

  • Very often, it comes from the expression of your AUTHENTIC TALENTS.

  • You have genetically inherited and built these talents throughout your life. Your talents are the results of the connections you created in your brain at a very young age. They are your thought patterns, and the emotions derived from your thought patterns. You keep applying them today at a subconscious level, or in 'automatic mode'.

You are generally in touch with your innate talents, whenever you are in your 'flow':

  • Whenever you lose track of time when doing a specific activity

  • Each time you find yourself doing things that you naturally enjoy doing

  • Through your most spontaneous reactions

  • Through your specific yearnings

  • Anytime you surprise yourself learning something very fast

How can unleashing and mastering my core strengths help me live a passionate and fulfilled life?

  • Your core strengths are the talents that you have honed throughout your life, through everything you have learned and the related skills you have built. 

  • Becoming aware of your talents and core strengths, and choosing to not only develop but master them will allow you to significantly amplify your 'flow'. As a result, not only will you obtain significantly stronger results in anything you do, but you will also start amplifying your passion and feel more fulfilled.

How can a strengths-based transformational & career coach help me create my passionate and fulfilled life?

As stated above, your innate talents and connected strengths are what you do in automatic mode, at a subconscious level. Your subconscious level (also called your 'emotional mind') represents 95% of your overall mind power, whereas your conscious mind (also called your 'thinking mind') accounts only for 5% of your brainpower. This is why most people encounter major difficulties whenever they try to 'motivate' themselves into changing some of their habits, by only relying on the power of their conscious mind. 


As a strengths-based transformational and career coach, I specialize in leveraging the power of your subconscious mind throughout your change process. Specifically, I help you:

  • Take distance and analyze how your authentic talents emerged, how you manifest them in your life, and how they connect with your core values, which are your most anchored 

  • Unleash and durably integrate your core strengths

  • Accomplish the great things you are naturally good at

  • Stay focused on your strongest yearnings

  • Connect with and achieve your deepest purpose

  • Remain accountable through each step of your personal and professional fulfillment process

  • Create an effective dialog directly with your subconscious mind so to facilitate your change process
  • Grow into the strong person you want to become
  • Remove mind blockages that you encounter along your strengths-affirming journey

Do you also provide career and entrepreneurship coaching?

Yes, as a transformational and career coach, I provide strengths-based career and entrepreneurship coaching. 

I ensure to keep you connected with your authentic strengths along your career journey.

I help you determine your best career options:  internal career transitionjob search, and entrepreneurship​, and provide coaching with the following:

  • Personal branding

  • Strategic career development or job search plan

  • Resume creation

  • Cover letter

  • Online applications

  • Interview-preparation videos

  • LinkedIn bio & profile assessment

  • Networking learning, work with recruiters

  • Negotiations of best job offers

  • Manager conversations

  • Business strategy

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