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About Coach Emmanuel

Unleash your hidden power, and build the lasting clarity, motivation, and resilience you need so as to realize your ideas...

and fulfill your true potential

Are you yearning to get your ideas unstuck so you can live a strong life, with a business, project, or career that truly fulfills you?

✅ You are feeling stuck with one or several ideas that really excite you, but you doubt your abilities to put them into practice, and constantly procrastinate on their execution.

✅ You have an idea of the empowered person you want to become, but you encounter blockages that prevent you from progressing toward this strong version of yourself.

✅ Or maybe you do not know what you are good at, or what ignites you, on a personal just like on a professional level, and you truly want to discover it.

What is preventing you from getting unstuck, and from taking action toward a fulfilled life?

It comes down to two reasons:

A lack of clarity of what really fulfills your soul (what is meaningful for you to do, or your 'passion') and/or 

A lack of certainty in your abilities to make what you aspire to happen (your internal strength/resilience)

Lack of clarity

Very often, people are not sure why they are here. They lack clarity of what this one thing is that they would really connect with. Some of us will try out dozens of activities to find out, but most won't. Not being completely clear on what will bring meaning to your life makes it obviously difficult for you to engage in a long-term project, or to pursue a possible 'dream' job, or build a meaningful business.

Lack of certainty

Very often, even people who have identified what brings meaning to their lives will not take action. The vast majority of the time, they do so because they lack certainty in their capacities to make it happen.

First grow certainty in your core strengths, then gain clarity in your passion

Most people will NEVER take the time to identify their passion.

Those who do generally first try to get clarity on what is the ONE thing that truly ignites them, by following instinctively what they like and/or what they are good at.



IF they REALLY feel it,

IF they muster enough courage to go against the warnings of mum and dad and how society might label them,

...they take a leap of faith and HOPE it will work out while battling with the image of the starving artist in the back of their head (this person who is ok with scarifying their material well-being just so they can focus on their passion).


Then, they aim at growing the certainty that they have what it takes to make it happen.

While this strategy might work for some of us, it generally leads a vast majority to disillusion.

There is a secret for you to drastically improve your chances to find passion and fulfillment in your life:

It consists of doing the opposite.

First, grow your certainty in your core talents and strengths.

Then, get clarity on the medium you choose to express your core passionate energy. Instead of looking for the ONE thing you are passionate about, learn how to bring passion to a specific job, business, or personal project that will resonate with the authentic and empowered you.

"Emmanuel’s coaching services have helped me gain clarity on my plans. He’s a great listener and asks quality questions. His coaching is like a rudder for my ship, guiding me through the treacherous waters of life.".


Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Podcaster

We can summarize the relationship between your core talents/strengths and your passion in the following iceberg:


The emerged part of the iceberg represents what is visible.

It is an activity you consciously select with your conscious mind (or 'thinking' mind). It is where you get clarity about your chosen medium, by consciously selecting an activity that resonates with your strengths and which makes you feel powerful and energized. 

The submerged part of the iceberg represents what is invisible.


It represents the energy/emotions stored in your subconscious mind (or 'feeling' mind).

It is where your certainty in yourself lies. It is where your unique talents/strengths are 'stored'.

Just like you can't see the submerged part of the iceberg, you can't 'see' your talents/strengths. 

They are deeply embedded inside of you and, like the iceberg, represent your foundation.

"The tools and encouragement Emmanuel provided were vital for building a foundation of productivity and creative confidence. Helping me to better realize and utilize my strengths has translated directly to maximized time management and increased feeling of self-worth".



Political Science Student and Green Entrepreneur

Did you know that the subconscious (or ‘feeling’) mind represents a staggering 95% of our total mind power, leaving only 5% of our power to our conscious (or 'thinking') mind?

How much do you think learning how to master your core strengths (anchored in your subconscious mind) and articulating your personal or professional project around them would make in terms of lasting confidence, resilience, and fulfillment?

'Fulfill Your True Potential' is a
powerful individualized 12-month transformational and business/career program
In this program, you will gain: 

On a personal level:

 The tools to build LASTING RESILIENCE, MOTIVATION and PRODUCTIVTY to actualize your ideas 

Clarity of what your PURPOSE is about and how you can MAKE AN IMPACT

✓ A renewed sense of FULFILLMENT in your chosen professional path

Career development:

✓ The tools to SHAPE YOUR CURRENT ROLE to its next level and create strong VALUE ADD in the eyes of your manager.


Career transition:

A career strategy to assert your difference in the eyes of the recruiters and STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION in the marketplace. 

✓ A methodology to land your DESIRED ROLE in an organization that embraces the AUTHENTIC YOU.



The tools to build your BUSINESS and MARKET YOURSELF according to the rules of the passion/purpose economy.


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Program Overview

✅ 20 individualized transformational and business or career coaching sessions of one hour each, which can be used over a 12-month period.

✅ A prepaid Gallup Clifton Strength assessment, which is used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies

✅ Multiple neuro-transformational exercises

✅ Entrepreneurship strategy and support    


Job search strategy and support    

Job development strategy and support 


You also get 12-month access to the monthly networking and mastermind meeting with all the other members who subscribed to a Your Passion In Action program 

(The mastermind occurs every first Saturday of each month, at 2 pm EST).

Program Methodology

Our coaching follows the proven 5-step F-O-C-U-S methodology: 



FIND OUT about your core limiting beliefs – how they show up in your life, how they control the results you have always got, and how they currently prevent you from accessing your ‘next stage’.

OVERCOME your limiting beliefs by replacing them with more empowered ones, as you discover how to leverage your core talents and the power of your subconscious mind.


CONSOLIDATE your new beliefs and core talents by clarifying your purpose and taking incremental steps toward your aspirational goal.


UNDERTAKE concrete actions toward the obtention of your goal, as you play by the purpose and passion-driven rules of our new economy.


SUCCEED in achieving the results you have set for yourself and keep up your momentum.

Why this program?

'Fulfill Your True Potential' offers a very unique and in-depth approach.

Through this program, you learn how to leverage the deepest aspects of your being, by combining awareness of your core talents/strengths with the reality of your story.

You will learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and how you can reconfigure your brain in a way that support this new empowered version of yourself.

You get the proper guidance to achieve the vision you will set for yourself as you take the proper steps to realize your purpose.


You receive in-depth career coaching, including entrepreneurship tools, and learn how to align your strategy in accordance with your core strengths, so to maintain lasting motivation, resilience, and confidence. 

Emmanuel is a really great coach! I'm still following the program but I'm already getting great results. I'm more aware of my strengths in my daily job and I see more clearly where I want to go in my business. 

Emmanuel is patient and easy going. He is also a great listener! His holistic approach to coaching seems really unique to me. You don't only focus on business with him, it goes deeper than that.

I encourage anyone to try him out!



SEO Consultant

Fulfill your true potential.png
  1. Twenty individualized neuro-transformational and career coaching sessions of one hour each, which can be used over a 12-month period (CA$99 per coaching hour)

  2. A prepaid Gallup Clifton Strength assessment, which is used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies (CA$70 value - included in the package price)

  3. Several neuro-transformational exercises

  4. A strengths-based career strategy

  5. In depth entrepreneurship, job search, and job development support

  6. 12-month access to the monthly networking and mastermind meeting with all the other members who subscribed to a Your Passion In Action program

CA$2,465   CA$1,997
or pay three easy installments of CA$820
Money-back guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with the content of the coaching, inside the first 30 days, I will give you your money back. Simply show proof that you have done the exercises and applied the methodology, and I will happily refund the payment to you.

This is my personal guarantee to you

Book your free 30-minute ‘Gain Clarity and Focus’ session and see if this coaching program is a good fit for you.

In this powerful session, you will leave with:

Certainty on what you can start doing on the spot to get  unstuck

Powerful tips on how you can be more focused in what you do


A renewed sense of energy and confidence

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