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How can you change your "money and life thermostat"​?

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Here is a mind-shifting truth regarding money.

A while ago, a great guy I know taught me about T.Harv Eker, author of the book "the Millionaire Mindset". I learned that each of us has a "financial thermostat". Thanks Kai Jin ;-) .

In essence, our financial thermostat determines how much we think we are worth, money-wise. It explains why so many people who have been used to earning a max of 50K a year will hardly imagine getting anything better. This is where their financial thermostat is set. Likewis, people who have been used to earning 100K will hardly aim at making 500K, and so on.

Now, since I started running my coaching business, I have come to understand some critical specifics about the mind. And this truth about our financial thermostat applies to pretty much all areas of one's life. 95% of our mind is on autopilot, run by our subconscious mind (the subconscious mind being constituted of all of the hard-wired beliefs we have accumulated throughout our life). Therefore, our capacity to get a better life than what we have always had; or our capacity to get a better life than what we have been programmed to believe we can have - is strongly limited... until we learn how to tap into our subconscious and change our hard-wired programs.

Now, the exciting truth is that changing our "financial thermostat" or "life thermostat" for a higher-quality one does not depend so much on our capacity to getting it, as much as it depends on our capacity to DECIDE what we really want.

The sad truth is that hardly anyone takes the time to sit and think to decide what they want out of their life. Most people will get what they "think they can get", based on how they have been programmed, and will repeat their performance over and over again throughout their lives with very little improvement.

So, start by asking yourself what you truly want. Do not dwell so much on the how. Instead, let the thinking of what you genuinely want sink deeply in yourself and feel how excited you get about the perspective of being where your decision is leading you. And become emotionally involved with your new vision. Allow your spirit to guide your expansion, and do not let your current environment be the one to decide whether or not you can grow to a more abundant life.

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