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About Coach Emmanuel

Choose a role that resonates with your authentic self...

and unleash your purpose at work

Are you looking to feel fulfilled at work?

🠮 You are looking for a job

  • You have sent 100 applications and got no answer

  • You wonder what you can do to stand out from the competition and be hired, especially in a position that would bring you fulfillment.


🠮 You are currently employed 

  • You are tired of being in your current role, which you do more out of necessity than real pleasure

  • You crave feeling fulfilled in your professional life, but you do not know what the first step should be.


It all starts with identifying your purpose, or the 'reason why you exist'

  • Your existence (your 'why') is shaped by what you believe in, both at a conscious and subconscious level.

  • Your most foundational beliefs are your core values.

  • Your core values are built upon your core strengths. Just like your core values, your core strengths are not something you choose -- they are the indicator of who you authentically are.

Now, if I caught your interest, read on.

Organizations want their employees to leverage their authentic strengths

The world of work is changing.

Whereas in the 20th century, employees only expected to work their number of hours and get their paycheck, they now want to feel fulfilled at work.

Organizations start to understand this new reality. They understand the value there is in offering a space where their employees can feel happy and grow.


They invest in coaching to grow the skills of their employees and, through fun team meetings, they motivate them to be their authentic selves at work.

Yes, they want to leverage your authenticity, because they know that when employees bring their authenticity at work, they enter their ‘flow’. They do not waste any energy trying to conceal their personal identity. They feel more connected to the organization’s vision. They feel that their organization trusts them, and, in turn, they become more productive and constantly bring a flow of new ideas.

Now if most of us have a fair idea of what our main skills at work are, very few of us are aware of what our TRUE strengths are, the ones that are foundational to our authentic self.

"Emmanuel’s professional guidance was exactly what I needed when I found my career affected by Coronavirus. His questions and feedback were critical to rebuilding my confidence and keeping me focused on what was best for me, vs. just finding a new position".


Proposal Manager

Your strengths form the foundations of your core values - your deepest beliefs that shape your current reality

We are all unique.

We have a unique DNA, which we partly inherited from our parents, and which was partly conditioned by the environment in which we grew up.

We have a distinct set of skills that we learned at home or at school.

And we also have unique strengths, which we have developed throughout our life. They emerged mainly during the most emotionally charged moments of our life and forged our core values.


Now hear me out… our core values are like our personal constitution. They are like the rules that you naturally follow in each of your decisions and actions. They have shaped your whole story, and today again, they literally shape the way you see life.


They are THIS important.

"I had very useful coaching experience with Emmanuel. On a personal level, he is someone I could easily and quickly connect with, he created a safe environment for me to be able to open up and I felt instantly that he was a person I could trust.


Due to his vast professional experience, he could provide interesting insights, which gave me plenty of food for thought for my career management. During our discussions, he managed to connect some dots where I had not noticed connections before, and we ended the sessions by outlining concrete next steps I should embark on in order to achieve my goals".



Trainer | Project Manager


Trainer / Project Manager

What if, instead of spending all this time and energy sending hundreds of resumes, and hoping to be seen, you took the time to discover and integrate your core strengths... and THEN market the authentic you with a laser focus to catch the interest of the companies that are looking for YOUR strengths and that will bring you fulfillment?

Or what if, empowered with this new clarity, you were able to shape your current role or create a new role altogether, so as to make your current organization benefit from your core strengths?

'Unleash your Purpose at Work' is an
individualized transformational and career coaching program,
which will provide you with: 

Confidence in your CORE STRENGTHS and how they played in your personal and professional story.


Clarity of what your PURPOSE is about and how you can MAKE AN IMPACT


A strengths-based career strategy to assert your difference in the eyes of the recruiters and STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION in the marketplace.

Program Overview

✅ Five individualized neuro-transformational and career coaching sessions of one hour each, which can be used over a two-month period

✅ A prepaid Gallup Clifton Strength assessment, which is used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies

✅ Several neuro-transformational exercises

✅ A career strategy, which includes job search/development support


You also get three-month access to the monthly networking and mastermind meeting with all the other members who subscribed to a Your Passion In Action program 

(The mastermind occurs every first Saturday of each month, at 2 pm EST).

Our coaching follows the proven 5-step F-O-C-U-S methodology: 



OVERCOME your limiting beliefs by replacing them with more empowered ones, as you discover how to leverage your core talents and the power of your subconscious mind.

FIND OUT about your core limiting beliefs – how they show up in your life, how they control the results you have always got, and how they currently prevent you from accessing your ‘next stage’.


CONSOLIDATE your new beliefs and core talents by clarifying your purpose and taking incremental steps toward your aspirational goal.


UNDERTAKE concrete actions toward the obtention of your goal, as you play by the purpose and passion-driven rules of our new economy.


SUCCEED in achieving the results you have set for yourself and keep up your momentum.

We support you from the beginning until landing your next position

We help you with job search and internal career transition:

✅ Strategic career development or job search plan

✅ Personal branding

✅ Resume creation

✅ Cover letter

✅ Online applications

✅ Interview-preparation videos

✅ LinkedIn bio & profile assessment

✅ Networking learning, work with recruiters

✅ Negotiations of best job offers

✅ Manager conversations

What is next?

Once you have gone through your five sessions, should you wish to be helped with any of the above, until you land your desired job, we can convene an additional number of sessions accordingly.

Why this program?

'Unleash Your Purpose at Work' is a very unique strengths-based coaching program. 

Whereas most career coaches will provide you with the necessary guidance for you to land a job that matches your expectations in accordance with your work history, Your Passion In Action goes deeper.

By combining career coaching and neuro-transformation coaching, it takes your entire personal story into account and draws from your most powerful life experiences to capture your core strengths.


It helps you define your purpose and provides you with a powerful career framework for you to connect your authentic 'flow' with the right organization.

" Emmanuel helped me look at my situation and practice true introspection, something I wasn’t allowing myself to think about initially. He took the time to listen to my story and with his help, I got out of my headspace and thought more about what would make me happy in my future, not just the necessity of having any job".


Proposal Manager

CA$720   CA$565
or pay three easy installments of CA$215
  1. Five individualized transformational and career coaching sessions of one hour each, which can be used over a two-month period (CA$99 per coaching hour)

  2. A prepaid Gallup Clifton Strength assessment, which is used by more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies (CA$70 value - included in the package price)

  3. Several neuro-transformational exercises (cost included in the package price)

  4. A strengths-based career strategy and support (cost included in the package price)

  5. Three-month access to the monthly networking and mastermind meeting with all the other members who subscribed to a Your Passion In Action program

Money-back guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with the content of the coaching, inside the first 30 days, I will give you your money back. Simply show proof that you have done the exercises and applied the methodology, and I will happily refund the payment to you.

This is my personal guarantee to you

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