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About Your Passion In Action

Your Passion In Action's mission is to help individuals find the right remote job.

Hi, I am Emmanuel!


I am a career coach and I help individuals land the right remote job. I started working remotely back in 2015 when I got hired by a major career coaching company.

I immediately loved the flexibility that came with working from home. A few years later, I became a career coach and began to help people find fulfillment in their work-life, by landing a job that not only ignites them but that they can also do remotely.


I had previously worked for companies where every minute of what I was doing (or not doing) was monitored. Even though I would sometimes finish my work earlier, I would not be able to leave before 5 pm or 6 pm... I am pretty sure you have lived this.

Not only did I find that it did not make sense, but it was also counterproductive. I realized that the company's lack of trust was actually impacting my motivation at work, and as a result, I was not delivering the best value.

This is the main reason why I value remote work so much! Because it places trust at the core of the employer-employee relationship and focuses on delivering value... not on checking in and out. I see it as a win-win for both parties.

Remote work is the best option for anyone interested in working at least partly from home, enjoying the space and freedom that comes with it, who wants to feel trusted, and reciprocate by delivering quality work as a result.

Do you have a specific remote job need?

Contact me by clicking on the button below and booking a time on one of the available spots. It will be my utmost pleasure to assist you in your own remote-job search journey.

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